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Alfred Decker is an award-winning permaculture designer, a certified educator with the Permaculture Association of Britain, and one of Europe’s leading and innovative permaculture educators. Since his first PDC in 1998 in California, Alfred has been involved with social movements and projects throughout Europe and the Americas. He is the founder of the 12P Permaculture Design consultancy, Permacultura Barcelona and the Forest Gardens project at Can Masdeu; is a co-founder of the Spanish Permaculture Academy (Academia de Permacultura Íbera); and was a member of the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership and the Permaculture Council of Europe.  Alfred holds a post graduate diploma in sustainable architecture and renewable energy (Centre for Alternative Technology).
After taking a “Permaculture Teacher Training” (PTT) course with Rosemary Morrow in 2011, he undertook a two year mentorship and later co-facilitated six courses as her assistant, ultimately earning a Diploma in Permaculture Education & Community Development in 2013 through the Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute (Australia). Committed to furthering the PTT course that Rosemary developed in over four decades of teaching experience around the world, Alfred facilitated more than a dozen PTT courses as lead facilitator, co-edited all three versions of the PTT manual, and organised a successful crowdfunding campaign to develop the platform. Rosemary has asked him to organise the PTT trainings in Europe, and he has developed an online version of the course on the Permaculture Association of Britain’s online educational platform
Alfred lives in the old town centre of Berga, Catalunya (Spanish Territory), and is available for educational activities, design work and consulting.


View Alfred’s Diploma in Permaculture Design: Education and Community Development here


References from former students, colleagues, and clients:

“Alfred is a rare species of permaculturists, one that beautifully merges the capacity to enthuse us to build resilient alternatives and to inspire us to resist a world where profit comes before people and planet. His teaching is always filled with humour and a touch of surrealism which makes the hard facts and complex skills unforgettable.” —John Jordan, France

“Alfred Decker is one of the rare people who can link conceptual implications with physical acts. In his teachings about permaculture, he goes beyond just the physical aspects plants and their systems but rather connects them to the larger social issues at stake in our modern world. His workshops are a hybrid species of pragmatic rebellion firmly grounded in the contemporary; protesting the injustices and inefficiencies of modern society by making them irrelevant. One leaves his courses firmly grounded in not only the how’s of permaculture, but also the why’s. He also knows that the best way to make something happen is for it to be enjoyable – so get ready to have a great time.” —Kevin Buckland, Spain

“Pointing out the global challenges and undesirable development we are facing is not an art… but to combine this understanding with innovative solutions, supportive self-empowerment and small but effective steps into a more prosperous future is what makes Alfred’s courses special. His authenticity, talking from experience and joy about permaculture design, is really contagious and leaves one eager to get started…preferably yesterday!” —Alex Petrikat, Germany

“When I used to work at the University with so many professors I realised that to know “something” doesn’t mean anything when you don’t have the ability and passion to teach it to the people. Alfred, you have this ability and passion and it is priceless! I am a researcher, and I can learn a new technique by reading it online or searching articles in the books. After your teaching I can say that permaculture cannot be learned by books or internet. You must hear it, see it, feel it and live it! You have done it with us 🙂  Thank you again for being a good teacher and a good friend.” —Dr. Funda Kıdoğlu, Agricultural Engineer, Head of National/International Training Department, Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

“I would highly recommend Alfred as a permaculture garden consultant who also has a high comprehension of the social component of landscaping, and how they interact.” —Margherita Galante, Italy

“I have no doubts about his capabilities of assessing the water needs of a finca, and then developing efficient and elegant water systems at the site that demonstrate the latest theory and techniques of water wise homes.” —Laura Allen, USA, founding member of Greywater Action and author of The Water-Wise Home

“I met Alfredo during a Teachers Training in France last year. Alfred is the one in the teaching team that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the course. He is an attentive teacher and permaculturist that gives and accept sincere feedback and takes his responsibility to make a course and unique experience for everyone. Furthermore he has a beautiful storyteller voice which keeps your attention high during every class. Thank you!” —Diana Diekjürgen, Germany

“Alfred Decker makes learning permaculture fun!  He communicates well in both Spanish and English, and his stories and hands-on examples bring permaculture principles to life.  Do yourself a favor and learn with this great teacher.” —Coleen Douglas, USA

“Alfred is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who managed to create an inspiring learning atmosphere. He gives imaginative examples, so even theoretical subjects are easy to grasp. By using the knowledge of the participants, the lessons are interactive and very instructive.  With contagious enthusiasm and a lot of mirth, he brings out the best in participants. Alfred is also open for other ideas and interpretations, and he shows with a lot of humor how you apply permaculture in a very useful and practical way.”  —Yvette Buist, Holland

“Alfred is a skilled facilitator that combines very sharp thinking and knowledge with an immense passion for what he does and an inspiring activist spirit.” —Xana Piteira, Portugal

“Sharing a teaching space with Alfred is a constant awareness of how to bring excitement to the process of learning. ” —Grace Mckeown, England

“Learning permaculture and sharing time with Alfred is a pleasure. He is a great facilitator, with a special sensitivity that makes all people comfortable and permeable to his knowledge and experience. He combines his expertise as green activist, with sense of humor and a presence that transmits both clear information and calm. I would strongly recommend to have Alfred as permaculture teacher. You won’t regret it!” —Mauri Méndez, Spain

“Attending a course on permaculture with Alfred opened a flourishing window to implement further projects regenerating the city of Barcelona. Dedicated to better his surroundings through a careful listening of Nature and other living beings, every person in a course has a place to be both inspired and to inspire others, building up the green community together. Gracias Alfred!” —Alexandra Jastrzebska, Spain

“Alfred’s teaching style was so interactive, it was brilliant. The topics we covered were interesting, inspiring and well explained.” —Anna Gurney, Spain

“I remember Alfred as a responsible and reliable organiser, rich in experience and with great sense for humor. He radiates positive vibrations wherever he appears and is ready to go an extra mile to achieve best possible outcomes in any situation.” —Manja Vrenko, Slovenia

“Alfred is one of the most kind hearted and enthusiastic people that I have met in my ventures through the permaculture world. His teaching style is engaging and fun, I recommend taking a PDC with him, you will not regret it.” —Viktor Gruber, Austria

“As a permaculture teachers’ trainer, Alfred Decker did a great job. Knowledgeable, gentle, attentive to his students and quite funny, you can expect a tremendous PDC with him!” —Philippe Caillaud, France

“As a participant on a Teachers Training with Rosemary Morrow in France, I had the pleasure to observe Alfred as a co-teacher of this course. His biggest strength is to be very clear in his explanations, eloquent and very close to the point of things. Together with a lot of humour and the ability to lead games and energizers, this makes him a wonderfully knowledgable and playful teacher!” —Monika Frank, France

“Alfred, you helped launching every bit of our DNA system right into the world of permadise!” —Leonardo Versele, Belgium

“I have appreciated a lot Alfred both as a welcoming, cheerful and caring person and as a good and clear teacher. He has been equally at ease on theoretical and practical exercise parts of the course. And I could see that it is a pleasure for him to transmit what he has been taught. After each session, he was verifying that everyone has understood the main points of the subject. He speaks with a clear voice, understandable even by non-fluent english students. He put the focus on horizontal teaching and learning, where we don’t feel any hierarchical position, and where relationships between teacher and students are equal to equal. He requested a lot of participation from us, and I realised afterwards that it was the best way for our understanding and our best progression.” —Charles Abécassis, France

“The great thing in learning Permaculture together with Alfred is that he possesses not only a huge knowledge about the core topics, but is also a very sensitive person who knows how to make you feel good, either while learning (very interesting tools and methods) or while energizing (lots of funny games)”. —Gregory Amos, Switzerland

“I met Alfred on an intro to Permaculture course in Spain, and am very grateful to him for starting me on my Permaculture journey. Alfred is an incredibly patient, personable and clear teacher with a fantastic way of engaging the class. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic about his subject and I am sure you will gain much from his PDC. We are aiming to bring Alfred to us in the Chamonix Valley of France to do another intro course and to continue spreading the revolution disguised as gardening! Viva la permacultura!” —Jon Dobson, France

“Alfred is a fab teacher; he explains things in an way that makes it easier to understand and together with his great sense of humour and big smiles, really puts you at ease, so you can concentrate on the learning.” —Melanie Giorgi, Malta

“Alfred is a very good teacher, who manages to keep the good mood and the constant spirit of curiosity in his students.” —Mihaela Tzarchinska, Bulgaria

“I find Alfred’s style of facilitating workshops on permaculture very interesting and engaging. He has a funny and nice way of explaining things without getting stuck in some intimidating jargon. I particularly enjoy the learning-by-doing approach he adopts, and this I find practical and motivating for taking up permaculture practices back in the village where my family has a house. I’m looking forward to the next time I’ll be in one of his workshops.” —Natalia Ciobanu, Moldova

“Alfred is a warm-hearted and welcoming person. He is a dedicated permaculture teacher that invest himself fully into teaching and helping the students learn.” —Svein Solvenus, Norway

“Beyond teaching permaculture wisely, Alfred’s experience in activism and his social commitment was of great value to me.” —Alan López, Spain

“Alfred makes imparting his wisdom and know-how fun and practical, interesting and engaging. His compassion and care for planet Earth is self-evident in the way he teaches and facilitated our learning. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher! Thank you.” —Ciara Ryan-Gerhardt, Ireland

“Alfred is an enthusiastically groovy teacher of permaculture. You are sure to have as good a time as dancing to your favourite tunes in your favourite club as attending a workshop led by such a passionate and knowledgable teacher. Lots of laughter combined with messy hands-on learning.” —Sophie S., Germany

“Alfred always turns the problem into solution. He is a very organised and structured person and always willing to help.” —Alenka Henigman and Andreja Zupan, Slovenia

“With his lively, interactive and humorous teachings, Alfred can sell almost any kind of (what could be dry)  information about permaculture like a piece of yummy chocolate cake. Not only do you want more and more: what you have already learned is stuck in your head thanks to his funny examples, and instead of becoming frustrated with the world’s issues, you start seeing the beautiful changes in humans’ interaction with nature everywhere.” —Toni Geller, Germany

“Alfred is a fun teacher that can transfer to you, with a good sense of humor, not only his knowledge of permaculture but also and especially his passion for it. Always grateful to him!” —Carolina Gaviria, Colombia

“I met Alfred in France on a Teachers Training course, he was one of my teachers, a fantastic, generous, funny, dynamic, thoughtful and surprising teacher. Even if I needed translation I followed his class looking at his hands, which showed how permaculture and social permaculture are natural and thrilling. Alfred’s personal attitude shows what permaculture is all about.” —Pascale, France

“Alfred started off my journey into the unknown world of permaculture. He made it friendly and accessible by sharing his excitement on a very relatable level and finding ways for everyone to get involved in their own capacities – I couldn’t dig a ditch but I made a f****** A frame!” —Alison Tandy, Australia

“Alfred is very experienced and holds much information as a facilitator of permaculture courses and other sustainability issues … but above all he is loving, simple, generous with his knowledge and very concerned with the energy and welfare of the group.” —Paulina Castro, Chile

“Alfred is a thoughtful and curious permaculturalist, with proven experience in teaching, design and leadership; always willing to learn and try new (old) techniques and embark in interesting projects. As a teacher, he will make sure that students understand all the concepts and the relations between them, and he will manage to spread to everybody his passion for permaculture.” —Juan Gonzalo, Spain

“I took a PDC and later a Teachers Training with Rosemary Morrow and Alfred Decker in July and November 2013. I have been very pleased and even inspired by the way he was concerned about the well being and understanding of his students and by how he was (apparently) making a point to give intelligible and clear courses and explanations. As a team, both times, Rowe and Alfred really managed to create a sense of community among the group of students,  by creating a safe space for us to study, to listen and to be heard, and by bringing interaction between the students and the teachers and between the students themselves. I really reckon Alfred is one of the few teachers I will remember and use as an example of how teaching/learning can happen in a fun and effective way. Go Alfred, go!  —Mariek Rouze, France

“Alfred is teaching both theoretical and hands-on aspects of permaculture in an engaging, playful and inspiring way. Loved every minute of the course.” —Iliana Kontiadi, Greece

“Alfred is extremely passionate and inspired in his work of teaching permaculture – and beware, the inspiration is contagious. With his smiling face and splendid pedagogic skill, he made our 2 weeks PDC into a smooth and joyful journey. Thank you!” — Siri Kalla, Sweden

“It was a real pleasure to learn from and get to know Alfred. His facilitation and teaching was full of knowledge, experience, passion and not least fun!” —Robert Nash, UK

“Alfred is a superb teacher and facilitator. His passion, knowledge and delivery (and humour!) is spot on – I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” —Chloe Foy, UK


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