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    Consulting & Development

    What Do You Want To Do?

    Aside from assessing, designing, and building, we can also design customised trainings around these fields.



    Edible Landscapes & Gardens

    You can’t work on an empty stomach

    Natural Building, Renewable Energy, Ecological Architecture & Renovation

    Straw bale, green roofs and walls, super adobe, timber frame, solar thermal & photovoltaic, rocket stove mass heaters, and so on…we got it going on!

    Water & Resource Management

    Whether it’s reusing your household water, building a compost toilet, composting on a household or farm-scale, or creating a natural pool, we put the principle of “the problem is the solution” into practice

    Facilitation, Group Process, Social Permaculture, Mentoring & Team Building

    We have all the technical solutions to heal the planet, but until we learn how to co-exist with each other, we will never be able to implement them

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