Are you hoping to raise the standard of your teaching, or would you like to offer this opportunity to members of your permaculture group? Permaculture needs ethical and consistently professional teachers. We know there are many permaculture practitioners who would like to teach and are either ready to do so or almost ready, but lack the confidence and teaching tools to start.

You may have heard of the quality work being offered by graduates of Rosemary Morrow’s permaculture teachers training course called “Permaculture Teaching Matters” (PTM). This 6-7 day course offers:

* Theoretical knowledge of what constitutes effective teaching and learning
* Solid grounding in the PDC curriculum for those who want to teach it, or a foundation for those who want to offer shorter courses or use it in their work
* Daily, practical, hands-on teaching with colleagues

Rosemary has asked me to offer this training in Europe which I am inspired and committed to doing because I have seen the excellent multiplier effect it has. The PTM course builds that confidence and supplies needed tools…afterwards, PTM graduates go off to do remarkable work!

This training could be organised as an Erasmus+ event.

For anyone interested in working together to organise a PTM training, please contact me at

—Alfred Decker