Hola permaculture people, 

Hoping that everyone is well and thriving in this intense, challenging, and inspiring time of change for the world. 

I wanted to first of all share the news for those of you who don’t know that I’m now a papa of two wicked cool twins, Terra and Liam. They are taking a break from working out in the gardens digging swales and hauling compost…

Aside from being a papa, I continue working to create an ecologically vibrant and socially just world. 

This year my courses are focused more on social permaculture than before, including an urban and activist Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in Berlin that is taking place right now; an Earth Activist Training (certified PDC with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism) with Starhawk at Sieben Linden, one of Europe’s most inspiring ecovillages; a Social Permaculture course at the Ulex Project; an Earth Activism & Social Permaculture course with Starhawk at the pioneering projects La Loma Viva (syntropic agriculture) and La Bolina (agro-ecology, permaculture and solidarity with refugees); and Teacher Trainings. 

Thanks for helping me to share this news with your peeps and on your social media. 

Here’s to building the world we want to live in, right here and now, within the shell of the old world that is collapsing around us…

Salud y permacultura, 



* Earth Activist Training (Certified PDC) @ Sieben Linden (Germany), August 10 – 23, with Starhawk  

More info here

* Earth Activism & Social Permaculture @ La Loma Viva and La Bolina (Granada, Spain), September 4 – 11, with Starhawk, Alex Kruger, and members of La Loma Viva and La Bolin.

More info here

* Social Permaculture @ Ulex Project (Catalunya, Spain), December 7 – 14. More info here

* “Training Permaculture Teachers” (TPT). Rosemary Morrow developed TPT  in order to have a multiplier effect in the development of permaculture, with the intention to develop the course in the different European languages by teachers from those countries. The following TPT courses in Europe 2019 are facilitated by Alfred and local teachers: 

– Kosters (Sweden), November 5-12, with Cathrine Dolleris and Helena Von Bothmer.More info here

More info here

– Vale de Lama (Portugal), October 26-November 1, with Hugo Oliveira and Patricia Pereira. More info here