As a permaculture educator and activist, I have a Vision: to create multiplier effects for spreading permaculture further and wider throughout diverse segments of society; and to connect permaculture to practices, theories, and movements for positive social change.

My Mission for how to fulfil this Vision: to organise and facilitate permaculture trainings that are accessible and transformative.

I am excited to announce new international courses and trainings for 2024, including a new family-friendly bilingual Permaculture Design Course with Starhawk; a family-friendly teacher training with a focus on permaculture education for children (Co-facilitator Lusi Alderslowe, Guest Facilitators Rosemary Morrow, Starhawk, and Sarah Queblatin); a third teacher training with a focus on refugees (Co-facilitators Habiba Youssef, Sonita Mbah, and Yau Fan; Guest Facilitators Rosemary Morrow and Starhawk); and an online teacher training starting April 9. Info for all of these trainings as Events on the homepage of this website.

Permaculture, Love & Solidarity,

Alfred Decker